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The Legend of Wild Bill’s Saloon 

         Around the time of the famous California Gold Rush, where candy was a penny, horses were the means of transportation, and people settled their differences with guns, there lived a small boy named Billy and his mother. Nestled in a little, western town called Calico was a local saloon owned by Billy’s mother.  Eight year old Billy helped his mother, after school, with saloon chores such as: sweeping the floors and taking out the trash - earning 5 cents a day. A local barber in town was courting Billy’s mother, a widow of 5 years. Everyone called him “Sam, the Scissor Man”.  Legend states that Sam was the fastest draw in town (with a pair of scissors). One thing was certain... Billy and his Mother always had exceptional hair.    

    As you could imagine, the local boys in town taunted Billy constantly about his “girly” hair. As the dreadful teasing progressed, Billy made a drastic decision. After considering the most obvious consequences, which would indeed include a harsh whipping from his mother, he borrowed her sewing scissors and proceeded to chop off his hair. He felt proud of his pristine workmanship and couldn’t wait to unveil his new hairdo to his mother that evening. Unfortunately, Billy’s mother was not enthused. His once long, flowing, blonde locks had vanished, leaving him with about an inch of hair (longer in some areas) sticking straight up.  All she could do was shake her head. The dirty deed was done.

     Billy had a sinking feeling the kids at school were going to be cruel.  To his amazement, the children were not unkind; they were curious. In fact, they took an instant fondness to the haircut and almost immediately all the boys and surprisingly some girls lined up to have the same hair as Billy. He utilized his mom’s sewing scissors and charged them each a nickel. The kids called their new style, “Crazy Cuts”.  From that time forward, Billy was known as “Crazy Bill”. He used his new found expertise and worked for Sam, the Scissor Man for many years. Using the money he accumulated, Bill opened his own Barber Shop in 1863 and called it “Wild Bill’s”.   

     One hundred and fifty years have passed and the legacy lives on today. Wild Bill Jr., the great, great, great grandson of Wild Bill, carries on the tradition with his very own hair salon. 

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